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How to Use Light to Increase a Home's Value

By Ross Donald,

If you are getting ready to stage your home for selling you’re probably already thinking of ways to maximize the value of your home and make it as appealing as possible to your potential buyers. Making effective use of light fixtures and lighting schemes will help you reach that goal.

The easiest way to use light in your home is to take advantage of natural sunlight. Rooms with big windows and a lot of sun exposure lend themselves to this easiest of all.

The case may be, however, that not every room in your home is easily illuminated with sunlight.  If this is the case, then open windows and doors fully to allow sunlight to reach greater depth in your home.

Carefully placed mirrors also can help in redirecting sunlight throughout the home.

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When staging your home you want to highlight the best features of your home and your décor while simultaneously downplaying the negative.

Using a targeted lighting scheme is a perfect way to highlight your favorite décor accents. Track lighting is ideal for this task as they can easily be directed to focus their light on a particular part of your room.

If your budget allows for it, consider updating the lighting designs in some of your house’s rooms, such as in your kitchen.

Recessed lighting installed under-cabinet is a popular trend in contemporary kitchen design. The installation is fairly simple and gives a sleek and professional look to your kitchen.

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In your living room and dining room consider changing out an old hanging lamp and replacing it with an elegant looking chandelier.  Remember to choose one that helps to accent your room and doesn’t overpower it.

When preparing your home, don’t overlook the simple advantages that light can bring to your home. Accent the positive with lights and downplay the negative by taking the focus away from it. Show off what made you fall in love with your home and you’ll hopefully help a buyer find that same attachment.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ross Donald is a writer and interior design specialist with the light fixtures providers at


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