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Hot Home Trend: Colorful Appliances

It’s another way to spice up an all-white kitchen without paint.

Stainless steel still dominates in kitchen appliances, but manufacturers are daring to dream in different colors. Your choices are growing, from colorful refrigerators and cooktops to coffee makers and mixers.

KitchenAid offers oven ranges in colors like Yellow Pepper, Misty Blue, Scorched Orange, and Avocado Cream (yes, that color from the 1970s). Last year, KitchenAid chose Hibiscus as its Color of the Year, showing off a mixer, blender and other kitchen tools in a vivid fuchsia.

At last month’s CES 2024, the tech industry’s flagship trade show, Samsung showed off a rainbow of color choices for panels on its high-tech refrigerator. Select from options like a navy, light pink or artistic, wallpaper-like panel doors.

Can’t choose just one color? LG’s MoodUp refrigerator has more than 190,000 color combinations to choose from that “let your mood dictate the vibe your refrigerator gives off,” the company notes. The refrigerator’s colors can be controlled from your smartphone. You can even sync the refrigerator to music so it “dances” in a ray of colors.

Listen to the segment “Hot or Not?” on Real Estate Today to learn more about the latest kitchen trends.  


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