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Home Stager Reveals 4 Hot Trends for 2024

Say goodbye to the ordinary as home design moves toward the extraordinary with an extra-personalized aesthetic.

Homes today fulfill a lot more purposes, providing comfort, wellness and an eco-friendly and personalized space—all in a technological way. Home layouts are being reconfigured, too. Dining rooms have become nearly extinct, living spaces are being designed for flexibility, and wellness rooms are channeling more positive vibes.

Homes have been mostly dressed in white, contemporary designs with simplified living spaces. Nowadays, that crisp, neutral canvas is getting decorated with dramatic color, unexpected art, textured furniture and eclectic decor. Further, the expanding kitchen island has become the new dining room, and exterior spaces have become popular hangouts by the firepit or while playing a game of cornhole.

Here are some of the hottest trends to watch in 2024.

Functional Outdoor Spaces

Functional exterior living spaces are growing more important and have become a valuable add-on to any home. Who doesn't desire an at-home retreat filled with sensory gardens, lounging areas, a full kitchen and bar, outdoor TV and sustainable furnishings? It’s all about finding solitude and peace to create that “vacation at home” space.

Plus, as windows get larger and larger, the views of the greenery outdoors are beckoning for more attention.

Mixed Metals

Forget matching: Mixing metal finishes remains on-trend. Metals are not just being reserved for the faucets and cabinet pulls but are being incorporated throughout the home. Warm metals like brass, and cool metals like chrome, are being mixed together to add visual interest and create depth in a room.

That said, expect over the years ahead for warm metals to slowly get pushed out more and more as a renewed focus on silvery hues pushes forward as an environmentally conscious choice. 

Maximalism & Personality

Consumers are showing a desire for color-drenching, rich textures and geometric patterns. Maximalism and personalization get extreme as more homeowners look to break the cookie-cutter layouts and venture into more expressive design.

This will be the year of “if you can dream it, go ahead and do it.” Designers and artists will push decorative accents in more adventurous ways. An entire space may look more like a work of art.

Eco- and Tech-Friendly

Sustainability is a way of life as we seek to live better and healthier lives. Smart homes with energy-efficient lighting, low-volatile paints, reclaimed eco-friendly furnishings and voice-controlled home devices throughout are in right now. The possibility of AI-powered home assistants is the wave of the future as eco- and tech-friendly pieces coexist.

Homes are no longer about looking pristine but feeling cozy and catering to people’s aesthetic and emotional needs. Designers are embracing a powerful trio: nature, serenity and comforting design, as well as modern technology. They’re breaking away from tradition and moving into a forward-thinking adventure of unconventional design trends that are elevating the “art” of the home.


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