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ATLANTA—Want to let your buyers and sellers know what kitchen and bathroom trends today are apt to wow them soon in showrooms and homes? See what David Alderman, vice president of the National Kitchen & Bath Association, discovered in touring the floor today at the NKBA’s annual convention here, which opens tomorrow to the trade.

Green. With the green wave spreading, manufacturers are bringing out more products like stainless steel and glass that can be reused when life cycles are up. Plus, growing in popularity are more products that save energy, conserve water, and are made locally.

Beyond granite. Granite countertops may still reign because they’re practical, but glass, stainless steel, and mahogany are gaining a foothold.

Black and white kitchens. The all-white kitchen is being tweaked with crisp black. One example: white cabinets on the perimeter, black on the island.

Faster, healthier. Steam ovens will captivate health-conscious buyers who also desire moist food cooked quickly.

Less space. With many people now opting to downsize, manufacturers are debuting smaller 15” refrigerators and 18” dishwashers. Less space also means fewer multiples—one instead of two sinks. Mirrored backsplashes and higher vaulted ceilings also help to magnify space.

Greater value. To keep prices down for cost-conscious, value-oriented home owners, manufacturers are limiting selections but maintaining quality.

Multiple levels. The two-tiered island in multiple colors has gained ground to provide an upper-level eating and serving ledge that conceals dishes in the sink on the lower level. Wine coolers are often built in for entertaining pleasure.

Less maintenance. Since saving time and expense are on home owners’ minds, manufacturers now deliver longer warranties on everything from equipment to hinges and finishes.

More modern. Simple, straight contemporary lines, floating cabinets, and no toe kicks offer the hot contemporary look.

Dual, more private. Toilets with dual flushes are catching on, as is placing a toilet in its own private cubicle.

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Barbara Ballinger is a freelance writer for REALTOR® magazine.


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