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Forget Open Shelving: It’s Now Trendy to Hide Kitchenware

Homeowners may be relieved that those perfect displays are falling out of favor.

Over recent years, a big kitchen trend was to open up the cabinets—or actually remove them—to expose the dishes and glasses.

Well, that didn’t last long.

Instead, one of the most popular kitchen trends for 2023 is all about “hidden storage,” according to’s Kitchen Trends 2023 report.

Kitchen Cabinets
Photo credit: Brizmaker/Getty Images

“Hidden storage is a departure from last year’s trend of using open shelving,” the report notes. “While shelving lets you display items and can make spaces look bigger, it also forces you to stay organized and doesn’t give you the opportunity to hide precariously stacked items or less than perfect display.”

Fifty-three percent of designers called “hidden storage” a hot trend to watch in 2023. An added bonus: It’s a trend that may give homeowners a little room to relax about how they store their items in their kitchen. After all, open floorplans add enough pressure to always stay tidy.

While hiding the storage, be sure to maximize the inside of the cabinet spaces. Barry Schneider, owner of the European Kitchen Center, says there are many options: vertical pull-out drawers, drawer organizers, pull-down shelving (for reaching the upper cabinets) and blind corner base cabinet organizers to maximize space in corner cabinets.

Kitchen Pullout
Photo courtesy: European Kitchen Center
Kitchen Closet Open
Photo courtesy: European Kitchen Center
Kitchen Pullout
Photo courtesy: European Kitchen Center

Another hot kitchen trend for 2023: mixing materials and textures. Designers called this the biggest trend of the year, according to Fixr’s report.

“Mixing materials means using a variety of different things in one design, such as incorporating wood and tile on the floor or glass and stone on the backsplash,” the report notes. “By mixing materials, you add greater depth to the design. It’s possible to highlight different areas by changing materials—and you can blend styles as well—which gives you the ability to create a transitional design or a style that blends two different designs together.”

Kitchen Trends Chart


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