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Dad's Dream Home: Here's What's on His Wishlist

By Sarah Anderson, VHT Studios

What do you think dad wants for Father's Day? A home where he can be himself and indulge in one of his many hobbies, of course!

As Father's Day approaches, use the holiday to consider sharing dad-focused features in your listings. Showcase special features on your company blog, website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest page of relevant photographs that helped you capture dads' attention in your own sales. Your photographs may help inspire other dads to conjure up their own wishlist.

Why not treat dad to a home where he can have everything on his list-from realizing his hoop fantasies to barbecuing to his heart's content? Or, stir his inner sommelier with a kitchen wine cooler or luxurious wine cellar, or appeal to his movie tastes with the ultimate home theater. And what dad doesn't dream of owning and having the space to keep a shiny sports car?

By spotlighting dad-friendly property features such as these, smart real estate pro can make their clients' ultimate Father's Day home dreams come true.

Sports Fanatics Rejoice!

Some dads practically live on ESPN. Many properties can satisfy the wants and needs of all sorts of sports fans. Help dads imagine shooting some hoops or billiards, play tennis, or putt on the green-all right at home.

An indoor home basketball court

© VHT Studios

An artificial putting green on a home's rooftop.

© VHT Studios

Master the Art of Barbecue

For dads whose eyes light up when they fire up their grill, check out a property with a top-of-the-line, built-in grill and smoker to make all of their Pitmaster dreams come true. There's no need to search out the perfect grill when one is already incorporated into the design of a home and ready for serious BBQ action!

An outdoor barbecue in a wooded back yard.

© VHT Studios

An outdoor barbecue grill with pergola on a sunny day.

© VHT Studios

Unleash Dad's Inner Sommelier...Or, Just Grab a Drink!

Dads with an at-home wine cellar don't have to leave home to travel to a winery or wine tasting room. Help them imagine sipping some Cab or swirling some Chardonnay in the comfort of their own home.

Wood home wine cellar

© VHT Studios

Is Dad just not into wine? That's okay–we get it! Consider instead a home with an amazing bar where he can grab a beer, mix drinks, sip some bourbon, and enjoy the company of friends and family.

Downstairs home bar

© VHT Studios

A home bar with sports memorabilia

© VHT Studios

Drive–or Fly!–Into Your Dream Home

Some dads fantasize about owning a sweet ride or plane, but few homes have the space to house these ultimate dream machines. If your seller happens to have such spectacular spaces, be sure to highlight those interiors for sports car enthusiasts and pilots. Help those dads envision taking off into the wild blue yonder from their own driveway.

Small airplane hangar in luxury home

© VHT Studios

Garage with vintage license plates and checkerboard floor.

© VHT Studios

Catch a Flick

Media rooms are still a popular selling point. Encourage dads to imagine watching the latest action movie from the comfort of their own couch or armchair, without having to deal with traditional movie theater seating and other patrons.

Home theater in luxury house

© VHT Studios

Home theater in luxury house with vaulted ceiling

© VHT Studios

This Father's Day, pamper dad with everything he wants in a home-because although this holiday comes only once a year, making dad happy and comfortable in his next home is a feeling that will last a lifetime.

As for the women of the house, check out Get on Mom's Good Side: Staging Fit for the Female of the House.

About the author: Sarah Anderson is vice president marketing at VHT Studios® , a nationwide real estate photography and visual marketing firm.


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