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5 Kitchen Trends to Watch

From countertops to flooring to colors and beyond, see what styles are hot this year in kitchen design.

Renovating a kitchen has become popular with many homeowners looking to spice up the look of their space. As they take on projects, they’re showing more interest in splurging on finishes and materials to get the high-end look they want, according to a new study from Houzz.

Countertops are one area where homeowners are willing to pay more. “It is clear that homeowners are willing to spend a little more to get exactly what they want in countertops that are both beautiful and practical, despite rising prices of labor, products, and materials,” says Marine Sargsyan, Houzz’s senior economist.

Houzz’s 2022 Kitchen Trends Study, a survey of about 2,400 homeowners who are in the midst of planning a kitchen renovation or who have recently completed one, offered insights into some of the following trends:

1. Quartz countertops dominate: One-third  of renovating homeowners say they splurged on the countertops. They’re favoring style, durability, and ease of cleaning over the costs. Engineered quartz and granite are the most popular at 42% and 24%, respectively. Homeowners most often are choosing white for their countertops.

Supersize Island
Photo credit: Rachel Loewen © Houzz

2. Supersized kitchen islands: Homeowners are expanding their kitchen islands. Many renovating owners say they’ve stretched the length of their islands to more than 7 feet. Homeowners also are turning the spotlight on these larger islands, with many renovators saying they’ve installed new light fixtures above their kitchen islands.

3. Vinyl flooring is a growing choice: Vinyl or resilient flooring continues to grow in popularity, nearly doubling in popularity since 2019 to 23%, according to the Houzz survey. Vinyl flooring now has overtaken ceramic and porcelain tile, now at 19%, a decline of five percentage points over the past year. Hardwood flooring, however, leads flooring materials in kitchens at 25%.

4. White and gray are the top color choices: White continues to lead as the top choice for kitchen cabinets, backsplashes, and walls. Gray is the most common alternative to white, with 27% of renovating homeowners painting the kitchen walls gray, 13% installing gray flooring, and 11% opting for a gray backsplash, according to Houzz’s survey. Other colors are also increasing in popularity, including blue, black, and green, bringing contrasts in areas such as kitchen island cabinets.

5. High-tech appliances: This is another area where homeowners said they were willing to splurge to get what they want. Rising in popularity are kitchen appliances that have features like wireless and smartphone controls. Also, nearly one in five homeowners are incorporating beverage refrigerators in their renovated kitchens and adding wine refrigerators.

Kitchen Appliances
Photo credit: Margaret Wright Photography ©Houzz

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