Sample Advocacy Goals, Objectives, and Actions - Advanced or High-Resource Association

Goal - Advocacy

The Mytown Association of Realtors® will be seen by the public, media, and elected officials as the leading advocate for private property rights and real property ownership.

Objective 1

Raise 125% of the established RPAC Fundraising goal.

Possible Action Plans

  1. Include a recommended RPAC Investment “above the line” on the annual dues bill that is double the amount of the “fair share” goal (e.g., if fair share goal is $20, include a recommended amount of $40 on the dues bill).
  2. Mention/promote RPAC at every membership meeting and educational event.
  3. Include a major RPAC investment from the association as part of the annual association budget.
  4. Develop an annual fundraising plan with multiple fundraising events (e.g., 50/50 drawings, raffles, auctions, events).
  5. Hold a major investor event and utilize RPAC grant money from NAR.

Objective 2

Achieve participation rates on NAR and State calls for action that are better than the average participation rates.

Possible Action Plans

  1. Promote members to download/use the Realtor® Action Center App at every meeting and educational event.
  2. Request every Board member and other influential members to promote the calls for action on their social media sites.
  3. Promote brokers to sign up for the Broker Involvement program so agents get the calls for action directly from their broker.
  4. Use association communication vehicles to promote agents to respond to calls for action.
  5. Create a REALTOR Party committee with representatives from several firms/offices who will explain the issues related to the request for action and then encourage others to participate in the response.

Objective 3

Support property rights, housing, and real property ownership by providing active campaign assistance for local political candidates that are friendly to Realtor® Party issues.

Possible Action Plans

  1. Identify local municipalities where the association can/should be involved in the political scene and develop a plan to monitor activities of the governing board.
  2. Get involved with local elections by interviewing ALL candidates in the race and providing RPAC funds to the best candidate(s).
  3. Apply for NAR funding to run an independent expenditure campaign on key local races.
  4. Inform members as to which candidates the association supports and encourage them to vote. Determine members who are not registered to vote and/or have not voted in past and provide them with registration materials and information about the importance of acting.
  5. Encourage participation in the State and the National lobbying days.

Objective 4

Identify and impact local issues of importance to the Realtor® organization (property rights, housing, etc.) by utilizing local, state and national resources.

Possible Action Plans

  1. Develop a process to identify, rank, and approve local issues for further action.
  2. Apply for state and national Issues Mobilization funds to support advocacy activities for key issues.
  3. Consider budgeting for an annual expenditure for local issue campaigns.
  4. Utilize other resources and grants from the Realtor® Party (such as diversity grants) on an annual basis.
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