Using Facilitators for Strategic Planning

A strategic planning facilitator can provide your association with an objective, third-party coach that keeps the process moving along and allows association leaders and staff to more fully participate in the entire strategic planning process.

If the idea of strategic planning seems overwhelming and all-encompassing, then a strategic planning facilitator may be just what your association needs.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to engage a facilitator for your strategic planning process. The information in this section is presented in the hopes of guiding you in the right direction to ensure you hire the right facilitator for your association.

Since each association is unique, a facilitator may not be the best route for your association. Even if that’s the case, do not dismiss the information presented below—it can guide you as you carry out the process yourself.

If you'd like to be considered as a strategic planning facilitator, complete this form to have your name included in an AE facilitator database.

How to Get Started

Read more about What to Expect When Hiring a Facilitator.

Our Facilitator Interview Questions can help you choose the best facilitator for your association.



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