Toolkit for Recruiting Association Executives

2. Create Job

Description Guidelines

The purpose of the job description is to provide clarity on responsibilities and performance expectations for the Association Executive (AE). The job description is the foundation for the hiring process and serves as a guide for the Search Committee. It is critical for determining appropriate, targeted interview questions.

If a job description does not exist, the Committee will need to develop one before the position is advertised. If a job description exists, the Committee should review the current description and update it with any new position requirements. The description should be updated on a regular basis to reflect any major changes.

The job description should include the following components:

  • Summary
    • What is the position title?
    • What is the purpose of the position (usually three sentences or less)?
  • Responsibilities and results
    • What are the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual responsibilities?
    • What fiscal responsibility does this position have?
    • What is the scope and limits of responsibility?
    • What decision-making authority does this position have?
    • Begin each responsibility statement with an action verb such as “plans”, “schedules”, “prepares”, etc. and answers the questions, “who or what” is done and “why or how” it is done.
  • Supervisory responsibilities
    • Who reports to this position?
  • External relationships
    • What is the role of the AE versus the role of the volunteer leaders?
    • Who does the AE work with externally to accomplish their responsibilities?
  • Qualifications
    • What are the education and experience requirements?
    • What competencies (skills, knowledge, and abilities) are needed to be successful in this position?

REALTOR® Association Models

The REALTOR® Association Models is a tool to help you develop and update your AE job description. The models provide guidance on hiring professional staff that has the right mix of skills and competencies to lead the association according to the model chosen by your association. Association volunteers and staff leaders can use the models to determine how their association can best operate to provide valuable, quality services to members. The three models (administrative, management, and leadership) focus on the areas in which an AE should be proficient and are based on the AE Competencies and Body of Knowledge . See the Sample Model Job Descriptions for job descriptions based on the administrative, management, and leadership models.

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