Toolkit for Recruiting Association Executives

4. Advertise Position


When selecting the most effective advertising method(s) for your position, you need to start by reviewing your advertising budget, timeframe, scope, and position requirements. The Search Committee should have clarity on the following:

  • How much money is budgeted for advertising?
  • Is there money for an executive search firm or will the Committee conduct the search?
  • What is the timeline for posting the position and receiving candidate resumes?
  • What are the position requirements (education, experience, technical skills, and subjective skills)?

Reaching consensus on the above questions will help the Committee choose the advertising method(s) that will provide quality candidates that fit within the search parameters.

Scope of Search

To determine the scope for your search, review the position requirements that you determined in the previous section. The specific experience requirements will help you determine where to advertise.

Are you looking for candidates who have REALTOR® association management, association management, or management experience? Each of these different requirements will influence your advertising methods.

  • REALTOR® Association Management Experience -- If you want candidates with REALTOR® association management experience, your choices for advertising will be limited to REALTOR® advertising sources.
  • Association Management Experience -- By expanding your search to include candidates with association management experience, your list of advertising options will increase to include association management sources.
  • Management Experience – Including candidates outside of the industry will provide you with the most advertising options and a larger pool of candidates with general management experience.

How to advertise

Your advertising goal is to select sources that will provide you with the most qualified candidates that are within your recruiting budget. Advertising costs range from free up and may go as high as 30 percent of your AE’s annual salary when using an executive search firm. Positions can be advertised in a variety of ways.

  • Targeted to candidates with REALTOR® or Association Executive Experience
    • Trade association ads (REALTOR® AE Job Postings)
    • Professional association ads or journals (American Society of Association Executives)
    • Executive search firms are expensive, but they can expedite the hiring process by finding qualified candidates in less time. Search fees are typically 25-30 percent of the first year of annual salary.
  • General
    • Newspapers (local, area, and metropolitan)
    • General recruiting Web sites (CareerBuilder,

Guidelines on how to write an ad

The goal of the ad is to clearly and succinctly communicate the position requirements to potential candidates.

  • Ad text -- Ad text should focus on the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to be successful in the position.
  • Tips for writing the ad:
    • Include a headline about the position or Association to sell the position and attract attention.
    • Describe the essential position requirements (education, experience, technical skills, and subjective skills) that you determined in the previous section.
    • Accurately describe all requirements and do not misrepresent the position.
    • Allow for flexibility in the years of experience and degree requirements to ensure that you are not eliminating any viable candidates.
    • Do not try to list every responsibility.
    • Use non-technical language.
    • Edit all print ads to cut down on advertisement costs. Online ads usually allow for more text space.
    • Provide contact information and application deadline. Ask applicants to send their resume and salary requirement by email, mail, or fax. Include a deadline date that will allow for enough time (approximately one month) between the date of posting and deadline for application.
  • Pricing -- Online ads allow for a set amount of ad space, and the price is based on the number of days posted on the website. Print and magazine ads charge by the line.

Sample ad

(Name) Association of REALTORS® is seeking a seasoned Association Executive (AE) to help implement a strategy that addresses an evolving industry and the public policy environment in which it operates. This highly visible AE will work with an energized volunteer membership and lead the staff to enhance the public's perception of the industry. The successful candidate must have demonstrated leadership abilities, strong management skills, and political acumen. S/he must be an energetic strategic thinker, leader, administrator, manager and communicator. Personal characteristics such as vision, excellent judgment, high integrity, principled decision-making and a commitment to teamwork are necessary. Must have very strong business skills. At least 5 years of experience and education in association management or an equivalent discipline necessary. Bachelors preferred. REALTOR® association Certified Executive (RCE) and/or Certified Association Executive (CAE) designations preferred. Compensation will be commensurate with experience with an excellent benefit package. Full organization and position description available upon request. If interested, please send resume and salary requirement to (contact information) by (deadline date).

Where to advertise

Recruiting on the Web is an effective and timely way to communicate your position and receive resumes from candidates. Click on the links below to access a variety of websites for posting your position.

National Association of REALTORS®

Association Web Sites

Nonprofit Web Sites

General Web Sites

  • Chicago Tribune - CareerBuilder
  • New York Times
  • Wall Street Journal

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