AEs are appointed to serve as liaisons from the AEC to other NAR committees to ensure two way communication. Liaisons are responsible for ensuring that issues discussed in the respective committees have the benefit of the AE perspective and for ensuring that the AEC is apprised of issues being considered during and between NAR meetings

AEC Liaison Job Description

-- Initiate a relationship with the committee chair and staff executive of the committee to which you are a liaison by introducing yourself and explaining your role as an AEC liaison.

-- Review committee agendas prior to meetings and contact NAR staff and the NAR committee chair, when warranted, to discuss issues that the committee will address.

-- Actively participate in meetings of the committee to which you are a liaison.

-- Complete an “AEC Liaison Issues Identification Form” to inform AEC leadership of issues emanating from the committee to which you are a liaison that may impact local and state associations. The form, which follows this job description, allows you to identify action items and highlights from your respective committee. The form can be submitted to AEC leadership or AEC staff prior to an NAR meeting, via e-mail, or on-site during an NAR meeting, delivered to leadership or staff’s hotel guest room or the NAR staff offices.

-- Attend the AEC/Forum and upon request address issues that will be discussed at the committee meeting to which you are a liaison. Seek input and direction from the AEs on how you might provide feedback on pertinent issues. Be available to respond to questions on issues emanating from the committee to which you are a liaison.

-- Attend the NAR committee to which you are a liaison and based on input from the AEC/Forum, share your comments and concerns on issues that impact local and state association operations. If you are unable to attend a committee meeting, ask another AE (preferably one who already serves on the committee) to take on your liaison responsibilities for that meeting. If the committee to which you are a liaison has subcommittees that report to the full committee, attend the subcommittee meetings as well.

-- Inform AEC leadership if you anticipate that a work group may be formed from the committee to which you are serving as a liaison. Also let AEC leadership know if you’ve been appointed to serve on such a work group.

-- Respond to questions and concerns raised on AETalk that impact issues relative to the committee to which you are serving as a liaison. Consult with AEC leadership as you prepare your on-line responses, as they are available to you as a sounding board.

2017 AEC Liaison Roster

AEC Liaison Self-Nominating Process

AEs interested in serving as a liaison to a key NAR committee can request an appointment in March for the following year. The appointment request form is typically open between mid-March and mid-April each year. Specific dates are announced in the INS. The AEC Recommendations and Recognition Advisory Board selects the liaisons at the Midyear Meeting.


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