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How long does a jurisdiction change take? 

Staff has the authority to administratively approve (generally within one (1) week) jurisdiction changes where there are no objections from associations contiguous to the requested territory or from a majority of Designated REALTORS® with offices in the requested territory. 

If there are objections, resolving the matter may be delayed until the next regularly scheduled NAR business meeting if a hearing is requested. 

We changed the association’s territorial description in our bylaws. Do we still need to complete a jurisdiction change request? 

Yes. The only way to formally change an association’s territory is through the procedures adopted by the NAR Board of Directors. 

What do I do to start the process? 

The association must send a notice to all associations contiguous to the requested territory and all Designated REALTORS® with offices in the request territory that hold at-large membership in the association advising them of the request for change of jurisdiction giving them 45 days to respond to the letter. After the 45-day period, the association must send a copy of the signed and completed application for change of jurisdiction, a copy of the board of director minutes approving the change, copies of the notices sent to contiguous associations and Designated REALTORS® and any responses to the notice to

Does NAR have a sample notification to contiguous associations? 

Yes. See here. 

Do I need to complete the jurisdiction description in metes and bounds, by county and by city? 

Select only one method of description. Please use a description consistent with the current description (e.g. if association is adding Macomb County and the description is currently Wayne County the resulting jurisdiction would be Wayne and Macomb Counties). 

How should I send the application to NAR? 

A scanned copy of the materials can be sent to 

Do we send the notice of jurisdiction change to all the associations in the state? 

No. Your association sends the request for change of jurisdiction only to associations contiguous to the requested territory. 

Should I send the application to NAR before the notices are sent to contiguous associations and Designated REALTORS®? 

No. Please send the application after the 45-day response period has expired. 

My association wants to object to a jurisdiction change, what should we put in our objection and who should we send it to? 

Your objection should be sent directly to the applicant association and it should contain in detail the basis for the objection. 

If we receive objections to our jurisdiction change request, what happens next? 

If objections are received, the applicant association will have thirty (30) days to request a hearing. 

After the applicant association requests a hearing, the parties will have thirty (30) days to submit supporting materials and request NAR sponsored mediation. If all of the parties request mediation, mediation will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time for the parties. 

If mediation is not requested or if mediation is not successful, final supplemental materials will be solicited from the parties approximately thirty (30) days prior to the hearing. 

Do we have to mediate? 

Yes. Mediation is mandatory.

Do we need an attorney to represent us at a hearing? 

No, name change hearings are not legal proceedings though associations may have counsel present at their discretion. 

Who can speak on our association’s behalf? 

Speakers are limited to current members of the presenting association, association staff, and legal counsel. 

Can we bring witnesses to the hearing? 

Any presenters or witnesses for the association must be current members of the association, association staff and legal counsel. Typically, association leadership presents on behalf of the association. 

What percentage of jurisdiction change requests are approved/denied? 

NAR does not track the percentage of successful/unsuccessful requests. Each hearing has its own unique set of facts and circumstances. 

How much does NAR charge for an association to change its jurisdiction? 

There are no NAR costs for a local association to change its jurisdiction. 

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