Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions about association mergers.

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Where can our association find information and forms for association mergers? 

Comprehensive information is available via the Merger Kit (PDF) and on this page

Is there a charge for filing a merger application with NAR? 


How long does NAR’s approval of a merger take? 

If everything is order in an application, staff has the authority to administratively approve (generally within one (1) week) mergers of local associations. 

What do I do to start the NAR approval process? 

The association must send a copy of the completed, signed application and minutes approving the merger to after legal approval of the merger by the state. 

Can other associations in the state object to our merger? 


Who needs to vote to approve the merger? 

NAR policy requires approval by a majority of the members present and qualified to vote at a general membership meeting where a quorum is present. 

What is our quorum requirement? 

The association’s quorum requirements are typically established in the association bylaws or may be required by state law. We recommend consulting with association legal counsel. 

How should I send the application to NAR? 

A scanned copy of the materials can be sent to

A neighboring association wants to dissolve and give us their territory, is this a merger? 

No. Under NAR policy, when an association dissolves, the territory of the association becomes “unassigned”. Dissolving associations do not have the authority to transfer their assigned territory to another association. Rather, any association interested in requesting the unassigned territory must file an application for change of jurisdiction with NAR. Refer to the section entitled Unassigned Territory for filing a request for change of jurisdiction

When administratively processing a merger, do we have to move all the members over to the surviving association? 

No. NAR’s M1 department will work with the surviving association to move the members into the surviving association. 

Does NAR require that small associations merge with larger associations? 

No, mergers are completely a matter of local determination based on the needs of the membership of the respective associations. 

Are there merger facilitators for us to use? 

Yes. They are available here

When are we required to notify our members that we are considering a merger? 

We recommend associations be transparent as possible in its merger considerations and keep members fully informed of key decisions and timeframes.