An optional fast track process, revised January 2018, for receipt, consideration, and resolution of ethics complaints is now available to associations interested in further expediting the processing of an ethics complaint.

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Those associations implementing the fast track process will want to rely on the following pages which correspond with the Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual. You will note that the first Section that needs to be changed to accommodate the fast track is Section 15, Grievance Committee, and the next change to accommodate the fast track does not appear until Section 19 (c), Grievance Committee Review of and Ethics Complainant, although the Sections between Section 15 and 19 are also included in this supplement. This is to alleviate the need for the user to flip back and forth between this supplement and the Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual. The same is true of the forms; all ethics forms are included for your convenience but only some of them have been updated to reflect the fast track time frames as necessary (see shading).

Fast Track Supplement Charts

To assist boards in comparing the enhanced time frames for processing ethics complaints with the fast track time frames, this supplement also includes a chart to assist those contemplating adopting some or all of the fast track process. Associations will want to follow whatever time frames they adopt for all ethics complaints, although they can observe the enhanced time frames for some of the process and follow the fast track time frames for other parts of the process. As an example, as association could adopt the fast track policy of bringing ethics complaints to the grievance committee within ten days from receipt of the complaint (as opposed to not later than 45 days after receipt of the complaint) but allow a complainant that has his or her ethics complaint dismissed 20 days from transmittal of the dismissal notice to appeal (as opposed to 10 days from transmittal of the dismissal notice, which is the time frame observed in fast track). What is important is that all parties are provided with the same process at the association.

The Table of Contents that appears below is for the sections of the Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual that have been modified for the fast track:

Table of Contents

Part Three: The Grievance Committee in Ethics Proceedings:

Part Four: The Ethics Hearing



Summary of Time Frames Comparing “Enhanced” With “Fast Track”