If the complainant alleges that a member has improperly refused to submit a dispute to arbitration (or mediation if required by the Board), the complaint shall not be referred to the Grievance Committee or a Hearing Panel, but shall be brought before the Board of Directors at the next regular meeting or at a special meeting called by the President for that purpose. The procedures for notices, time of notice, and hearing prescribed for matters before a Hearing Panel shall apply. The sole question of fact for the Directors to decide will be whether the respondent has failed to submit an arbitrable matter to arbitration or mediation in violation of Article 17. (Revised 11/11)

There can be no charge that there has been a refusal to arbitrate (or mediate if required by the Board) until the Grievance Committee determines the matter is arbitrable and of a mandatory nature and the respondent fails to submit to arbitration or mediation before the Board. (Revised 11/11)

Upon determination that the member has refused to arbitrate or mediate a properly arbitrable matter, the Board of Directors may direct the implementation of appropriate sanction and should, if it has reason to believe that the imposition of sanction will become the basis of litigation and a claim for damages consequent to such sanction, delay the effective date of implementing the sanction to a date following receipt by the Board of a judicial decision in a petition for declaratory relief filed by the Board to confirm the propriety of its action. (Revised 11/11)

On the other hand, if the complaint against the member is that, having properly submitted a dispute to arbitration or mediation, the member has refused to abide by the award or the resulting agreement, such refusal should not be referred to the Grievance Committee as a violation of the Code of Ethics unless it reflects an established pattern or practice of noncompliance with the commitment to arbitrate or mediate. A refusal to abide by an award in arbitration or any resulting agreement in mediation should be enforced in the manner set forth in Part Ten, Section 56, Enforcement.* (Revised 11/11)

*Refer to Appendix III to Part Ten for the rationale for use of judicial enforcement of arbitration awards when a Board Member refuses to pay an award in arbitration.