NAR Testifies, Supports Association Health Plan

The National Association of REALTORS® testified in support of expanded association health plans before Congress.

Instant Reaction: February Housing Starts

The fall in housing starts in February is a movement in the wrong direction. The key to economic prosperity at this time is to produce more new homes.

NAR Urges Permanent Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Exclusion

The exclusion for forgiven home mortgage debt provides relief to troubled borrowers and minimizes damage to families, neighborhoods and communities.

Millennials Lead All Homebuyers

Home purchases by millennials ticked up over the past year, but inventory constraints and higher housing costs kept their overall activity subdued.

Homeownership Is a Sound Investment

Op-Ed: A Feb. 18 column, "Why your home is a lousy investment when you think it's great," has two glaring omissions relevant to millions of Americans.

What the New Tax Law Means for Real Estate

Analysis and examples of how major provisions will affect real estate professionals, commercial real estate, and current and prospective homeowners.


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