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EPA Proposes Better Cost/Benefit Analysis

The EPA released an advance notice of proposed rulemaking that sets the stage for Administrator Scott Pruitt to shift the balance in how the agency calculates costs and benefits of its rules, a change that could make future regulations more accurate in terms of how the agency assesses their cost impact on the private sector and benefits to the public at large.

Some of the questions asked and information requested by the EPA include:

(1) is there inconsistency and lack of transparency in how the Agency considers costs and benefits in rulemaking?

(2) what are the potential approaches for addressing these concerns?

(3) what is the scope for issuing regulations to govern EPA’s approach in future rulemakings?  

Pruitt said in a statement that the change "is the next step toward providing clarity and real-world accuracy with respect to the impact of the agency's decisions on the economy and the regulated community."

Download EPA's Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking