With YouTube practically a household word and digicams and video-editing software becoming ever more sophisticated and affordable, digital video is suddenly where the action is. Property sellers and real estate professionals alike are finding out how easy and effective it is to create and post homemade virtual tours, neighborhood guides, and other videos to help sell real estate. Learn why and how to market real estate using videos on the Web.


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Examples of What You Can Do With Video

Coronavirus: Buying, Selling Home Virtually on Staten Island (SILive, Mar. 31, 2020)

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Why Use Video in Online Marketing

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Getting Started Online

A Marketer’s Guide to Launching a Facebook Live Campaign (Business 2 Community, Mar. 29, 2020)

LI agents Offer Virtual Tours to Replace Open Houses Amid Coronavirus (Newsday, Mar. 20, 2020)

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Keeping Your Cool While Livestreaming (REALTOR® Magazine, Jul. 12, 2019)

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Digital Marketing for Real Estate: 11 Ideas to Use Today (ABOVE, Jan. 30, 2019)

5 Tactics for Braving the Video Marketing World (RISMedia)

How to Hire the Right Real Estate Videographer (Placester)

Web Resources

CNET Reviews: Camcorders – Reviews and comparisons of digital video cameras from the technology experts at CNET.

Facebook Live (Facebook, 2018) – "People love watching video, which is why we've built a dedicated place to watch this engaging content on Facebook. While your current fans will be able to keep up here and in News Feed, the experience will help new followers discover you too."

Periscope (Periscope, 2018) – "While there are many ways to discover events and places, we realized there is no better way to experience a place right now than through live video. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but live video can take you someplace and show you around."

Video Camera Tutorials (Media College) – Step-by-step guides to various aspects of using a video camera.

FaceTime – Learn how to use FaceTime to make video and audio calls from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Matterport – “Create experiences like nothing you’ve ever seen before. With a single scan, you can automatically create 3D walk-throughs, 4K print quality photos, schematic floor plans, OBJ files, point clouds, videos, and other media.

Messenger –“ Hang out anywhere, anytime by getting on a call or a group video chat.

Skype Meet Now – Generate your free unique link with one click, share it with participants and enjoy effortless meetings with Skype. Full set of features at your disposal.

TruPlace – “For buyers looking to be guided through a property visually, TruPlace has Walkthrough Videos that escort viewers to each room. These video products are available at varying lengths from 1-minute to 4-minutes long, regardless of property size.”

Zoom – “ Simplified video conferencing and messaging across any device.”

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Skype for Dummies (Kindle, eBook)

Video Marketing for Dummies (eBook, Kindle, Audiobook)

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Digital Video (eBook, Kindle)

Digital Video Essentials: Shoot, Transfer, Edit, Share (eBook)

Digital Video for Dummies (eBook)

Put Your Business Online (eBook)

Videoblogging for Dummies (eBook)

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