Second Century Ventures (SCV) is the most active global real estate technology fund. Backed by NAR, SCV leverages the association's more than 1.5 million members and an unparalleled network of executives around the globe. SCV helps portfolio companies grow across the world's largest industries including real estate, financial services, banking, home services and insurance. SCV also operates the award-winning REACH scale-up program in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Australia and the U.K.

SCV seeks to define and deliver the future of the world's largest industries by acting as a catalyst for new technologies, new opportunities, and new talent.


NAR is working hard to stay at the forefront of new technology and industry innovation through its Strategic Business, Innovation, & Technology (SBIT) Group.

SBIT operates Second Century Ventures (SCV), a wholly owned subsidiary and the strategic investment arm that invests in technologies that are transforming the real estate industry and reinforcing REALTORS®' essential role to consumers.

By investing in new and emerging technology companies through SCV and REACH, NAR is able to help these businesses access the industry in a way that is beneficial - rather than disruptive - to REALTORS®.

Working hand in hand with industry innovators also reinforces NAR's ability to drive efficiencies and accelerate business performance for its real estate professional members and consumers by bringing them innovative products, services, and cost savings benefits through its programs and partnerships.

On average, 600k members use products/services from SCV and REACH companies on an annual basis, represents savings of $60M+.

With consumers becoming increasingly familiar with new technologies, we need to provide REALTORS® with knowledge and access to the technology and services that a new era of consumers demand.

SCV evaluates companies that support every stage of the real estate transaction as well as the ancillary services that support real estate including title, escrow, mortgage, insurance, home services, and risk management.

Notable examples include DocuSign, Notarize, BombBomb, Curbio, Obie, LulaFit, Occupier and Dealius.