NAR partnered with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) on a large-scale initiative with the commitment of planting one tree per member, totaling 1.575 million trees planted on behalf of the association.

Trees will be planted using a need-based approach to repopulate areas affected by events such as wildfires, drought and deforestation. This initiative facilitates social goodwill with NAR’s REALTOR® brand.

Bringing the benefits of trees to communities and areas nationwide supports NAR’s sustainability efforts and aligns with its sustainability and resilience plan to demonstrate leadership on this issue.

More than a tree-planting campaign, it’s a commitment to restoring U.S. public lands that provide so much to all of us—clean drinking water, fresh air, a future for our children, and places to play.

Tree Planting By the Numbers

Planting 1.575M trees reduces 750,000 metric tons of carbon in the atmosphere. This is equivalent to:

  • 145,931 homes’ electricity use for one year
  • 161,602 gas-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year
  • Or over 91 billion smartphones charged (Source: EPA Calculator)

How to Get REALTOR® Associations Involved

The tree-planting commitment from NAR can provide a template for environmental actions and related events from state and local REALTOR® associations:

  • Events can be funded by sustainability grant money from NAR and can help raise sustainability awareness among members about how their markets are impacted.



NAR provides leadership and strategies for sustainability that benefit members, associations, and communities.

NAR Launches Tree-Planting Initiative
September 22, 2022

NAR will work with the National Forest Foundation to plant 1.5 million trees throughout the U.S. to represent NAR's more than 1.5 million membership