Working With Your AE

AE/Volunteer Relationship Toolkit

The role of Chief Staff Executive requires being able to successfully work with everyone involved with the association. Working with volunteer-leaders, however, is a critical skill set that distinguishes the job of the association executive (AE) from other managerial positions.  To lead, AEs must create a culture of trust, respect and collaboration with volunteer leaders. This resource outlines the various roles and responsibilities of each player and guides the reader through best practices in managing those roles and important partnerships.

AE Sample Job Description

It’s important for staff and volunteer leaders to work well together. Learn about the association executive role and get the year off to a good start by completing the AE job functions summary, or task list, together with your AE. It will help you set clear expectations about who does what, which will help you run your association more efficiently.

President/Chief Staff Executive Checklist

To get the volunteer/staff year off to a good start, both team partners (the president and the chief staff executive/AE) need to define who will do what during the term. One way to enhance this dialogue between the president and AE is to discuss issues common to both. The President/Chief Staff Executive Checklist can help with this. 

HR Toolkit for Association Leadership 

Most HR responsibility lies with a REALTOR® association's CEO, but association leadership, including REALTOR® Association presidents, will find several elements of the HR Toolkit for Association Leadership to be useful. The toolkit’s resources are beneficial to both AEs and state and local volunteer leadership.

Chief Staff Performance Evaluation

Evaluating the chief staff executive is one of the most important jobs for your board of directors. An annual performance evaluation provides a platform for discussing shared expectations between the board and chief staff executive. It also helps the executive and the association develop and grow. And an annual evaluation is required by the REALTOR® organization’s insurance policy that covers wrongful termination lawsuits.

Succession Planning Resources

These succession planning documents can help association staff in their succession planning, whether it is a planned departure -- such as an AE retiring or resigning -- or an unplanned departure.

Guide to Recruiting AEs

The Guide to Recruiting Association Executives from NAR's HR department covers all the steps you need to know to recruit the best Association Executive for your association.