State Policies & Structure

State associations provide a critical link between national and local association activities. There are a number of important duties and responsibilities administered at this level. Understand the vital role state associations play and their purpose.

The state association is a valuable link between the local and national association. The state association has two key purposes:

  • The state association closely integrates the work of the local, state, and national associations. States encourage and maintain open lines of communication among the three tiers of the REALTOR® pyramid.
  • The state association permits individuals in the real estate business, but with said business not located in the jurisdiction of a local association, to become individual members of the state and national associations. This is set forth in the Constitution of the National Association.

Some of the other important duties and responsibilities typically performed by the state association are as follows:

  • Coordinates statewide programs and activities among local associations
  • Serves as a liaison, on behalf of local associations with the state’s executive, legislative, and regulatory agencies
  • Creates an informational membership publication for local associations and individual members
  • Acts as a liaison with the state licensing agency to promote effective real estate licensing and regulatory activity
  • Sponsors annual leadership conference to train new leadership (newly elected officers and directors, committee chairmen, and committee members)
  • Provides continuing education for REALTORS® and REALTOR-ASSOCIATES® through the REALTORS® Institute (which leads to the GRI designation for those who complete the program)
  • Sponsors an annual state convention for social, business, educational, and inspirational purposes
  • Sponsors REALTOR® of the Year program to honor the state's outstanding REALTOR®
  • Sponsors regional, district, or area meetings to provide a grassroots connection with local associations
  • Reviews the legal implications of state law and city or county ordinances within the state as they relate to real estate
  • Implements policies set forth by the National Association of REALTORS® for the state association and its local associations, members of such associations, and individual members of state associations

A state association can provide specialized expertise to local associations, especially those without paid staff, and to the national association when local or regional matters affect common purpose.