Association Policy

REALTOR® associations on the local, state, and national level all have a part in enforcing policies and standards that protect the associations and help the organization run smoothly. As an elected leader, it’s crucial that you understand the relationships between the different types of associations and the rules that govern them.

National Policies & Structure

Become familiar with the policies and standards administered at the national level, including NAR’s mission and vision, the Code of Ethics, the three-way agreement, mandatory Code of Ethics training, policies for dues payment, antitrust protections, and other key rules.

Association Policy

View NAR's Policy section to review complete information on professional standards, governing documents, membership policies, MLS policy, the Code of Ethics, and more. 

Core Standards

Local, state, and territorial associations of REALTORS®, as a condition of membership in the National Association of REALTORS®, must meet NAR’s Organizational Alignment Core Standards for State and Local Associations. The standards were approved by NAR’s Board of Directors in May 2014 and replace a previous set of organizational standards. The purpose of the new standards: to raise the bar for REALTOR® associations and ensure high-quality service for REALTORS®.

Social Media Guidelines for NAR Leaders 

As NAR leaders (elected and appointed officers, directors, committee chairs and vice chairs, President Liaisons, and other members appointed to positions of leadership by the NAR) you will utilize social media to help raise awareness of NAR’s work and issues of interest to REALTORS® and consumers. These Social Media Guidelines are intended to enable NAR leaders to maintain their ability to express themselves personally on social media, while also ensuring that the reputation and work of NAR is protected.