Growth Management Fact Book

The Growth Management Fact Book provides REALTOR® Associations and REALTORS® with factual information and analyses concerning modern growth management (aka Smart Growth on topics such as urban growth boundaries, housing moratoria, adequate public facilities and cluster zoning). 

Download the September 2022 update to the Growth Management Fact Book, which includes new relevant case law and examples.

Community and Transportation Preferences Surveys

Download reports, infographics, analysis, and slides from NAR's Transportation and Community Preferences Surveys.

The Real Estate Mantra: Locate Near Public Transportation

Studies released by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and NAR on the the performance of residential and commercial property sales located near public transportation.

The Real Estate Mantra: Locate Near Public Transportation (October, 2019)

The New Real Estate Mantra: Location Near Public Transportation (March, 2013)


Smart Growth

The healthier a community, the better the environment for REALTORS®. Keeping a community attractive, livable and functioning well is a complex task.

Smart Growth Grants

Smart Growth Action Grants support a wide range of land-use and transportation-related activities.