Quick Takeaways

  • Have an agenda
  • Change the meeting location
  • Create action steps to end the meeting

Source: How to Run a Sales Meeting That Doesn’t Suck (Copper.com, Oct. 25, 2021)

Improve sales meetings by presenting agendas ahead of time, sharing strategies and skills, and leaving meetings with action items. Have your top sellers share their tips and techniques, watch a video together, invite an expert speaker and have a lunch and learn meeting. REALTOR® Magazine suggests a “parking lot session”, where individuals can informally talk to leadership.

Virtual meetings are here to stay.  How can you improve them? Preset eye-catching graphics, lessening “Zoom gloom,” and getting your video and audio tools in order are good places to start.

The NAR Library & Archives has curated a number of book, eBook, and audiobook titles on the subject to provide guidance.

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