Best Practices for Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are nothing new, but recent events have forced widespread adoption of the practice. Regardless of the virtual meeting platform you use, adhering to best practices will improve the overall success of the meeting by optimizing sound, video, and order.

Getting Started

Virtual Meetings Don’t Have to Be a Bore (Harvard Business Review, Mar. 19, 2020)

What It Takes to Run a Great Virtual Meeting (Harvard Business Review, Mar. 5, 2020)

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5 Professional Ice Breakers You Can Do Remotely (Entrepreneur, Mar. 31, 2020)

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How to Prevent Your Zoom Meetings Being Zoom-Bombed (Gate-Crashed) By Trolls (ZDNet, Mar. 23, 2020)

Preventing Eavesdropping and Protecting Privacy on Virtual Meetings (NIST, Mar. 17, 2020)

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Useful Tools

Best Video Conferencing Software 2020: Paid and Free Solutions for Business (techradar, Mar. 23, 2020)

The 10 Best Video Meeting Apps (Owl Labs, Mar. 17, 2020)

Google Duo
FaceBook Messenger

Best Practices By Platform

Meeting and Webinar Best Practices and Resources (Zoom, 2020)

Google Meet Training and Help (G Suite, 2020)

Handy Resources to Get the Most Out of GoToMeeting (GoToMeeting, 2020)

Webex Essentials for Working Remotely (Webex, 2020)

BlueJeans Best Practices: Working from Home (BlueJeans, 2020)

Your Guide to Working Remotely in Slack (Slack, 2020)

eBooks & Other Resources


Online Meetings that Matter. a Guide for Managers of Remote Teams (Kindle, eBook)

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