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NAR examined REALTORS®' current tech usage and their attitudes about the future of real estate technology.


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  • Thinking back on the last 12 months, respondents found that these technology tools used in their businesses were very impactful:
    • eSignature (79%)
    • Lockbox (67%)
    • local MLS apps/technology (67%)
  • Thinking about the next 24 months, respondents believe that these five technology tools will be very impactful in their business:
    • cyber security (31%)
    • 5G (30%)
    • drones (27%)
    • artificial intelligence (15%)
    • virtual reality (14%)
  • Respondents found that these technology tools provided by their brokerage were very valuable:
    • eSignature (67%)
    • Lockbox/Showing tech (53%)
    • transaction management (45%)
    • video conference (40%)
  • 35% of respondents agree that their Brokerage provides them with all the technology tools they need to be successful in their job, and 26% percent strongly agree.
  • Respondents said that the technology tools provided by their MLS included:
    • property data and history (85%)
    • sales statistics (81%)
    • public records search (75%)
    • listing syndication (72%).
  • Respondents said that the technology tools provided by their Local or State Association included:
    • forms (66%)
    • tech education (59%)
    • eSignature (46%)
    • Lockbox (39%)
    • tax information (39%)
  • 89% of respondents use Facebook in their real estate business, 59% use Instagram, 53% use LinkedIn, and 26% use YouTube.
  • 63% of respondents said the main reason for social media use in their real estate business was to promote listings.
  • The top three tech tools that have given respondents (or their agents) the highest number of quality leads in the last 12 months were:
    • social media (46%)
    • their local MLS(30%)
    • customer relationship management (CRM) (26%)


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