NAR has created a variety of marketing resources to help REALTOR® associations and brokerages promote the cutting-edge Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) program to their members. These include logos, flyers, print ads, and social media posts.

Download them below.


Brand Usage Guide

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C2EX Logo

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C2EX Logo

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Celebrating 5 Years Video

Download this video at Vimeo.

Flyer to Share With Members

C2EX Member Share Flyer

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Print Ads

Full-Page Print Ad

C2EX Full Page Print Ad

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Half-Page Print Ad

C2EX Half Page Print Ad

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Quarter-Page Print Ad

C2EX Quarter Page Print Ad

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Social Media Post

C2EX Social Media Graphic

Suggested copy:

Birds of a feather ride together, so join the C2EX crew! You’ll power up professionalism and rev up your reputation as a next-level expert to help put your career in high gear. With the new C2EX App, earning your Endorsement is more doable than ever. Download today at

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Digital Ads

C2EX Horizontal Banner

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C2EX Renewal Infographic:

C2EX Renewal

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C2EX Vertical Banner

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