REALTOR® University

REALTOR® University’s graduate school allows students to expand their education in what they know best: real estate. With our unique blend of practical and applied learning, students will be able to use this education to advance their careers and better their business and their lives.

As a REALTOR® University student, you will gain access to an unmatched library of resources, and a deeper understanding of how specializing in specific markets, such as buyers and sellers 50-plus, or commercial real estate, can increase your business and referral opportunities.

Our graduate students study key aspects of both business and real estate, with a unique balance of applied and practical learning. With 5 available concentration areas ranging from Asset & Property Management to Real Estate Association Management, our tailored curriculum allows students to focus on the aspects relevant to their business and career goals.

REALTOR® University’s global online campus welcomes real estate professionals from all over the world to one real estate REALTOR® training school, and connects students to a unique network of like-minded professionals. Students also receive access to the largest real estate library on the planet, with the majority of materials available in a digital format. At our online REALTOR® school, professionals are offered an extraordinary opportunity to explore and experience the world of real estate, and discover new ways to advance their future.


Academic Review

Read a review of an academic paper on housing supply and price recovery that explains how housing prices, inventory, and regulations affect housing markets. The review includes price declines and forecast recoveries for 68 U.S. metropolitan areas.

REALTOR® University Speaker Series

In this video, Dr. Anthony Elson talks about the current financial situation and what oversight should be put in place following the bubble and the Great Recession.

Legal Action Program

Provides financial assistance to support litigation of significance to the real estate industry and private property rights.