Boost Your Spring Earnings With the Help of Vetted Financial Partners

Navigating the financial landscape as a REALTOR® can be as unpredictable as the market itself. With the ebbs and flows of the spring selling season, it's crucial to ensure financial stability year-round. That's where NAR REALTOR Benefits® steps in, offering exclusive services tailored to help you grow your wealth strategically. Keep reading to learn three tips on how to boost your earnings with the help of your trusted partners in business.

Invest in Real Estate With Retirement Funds 

No one understands real estate better than REALTORS®. So why not invest in your own wheelhouse? NAR has partnered with IRAR Trust Company to provide strategic real estate investment opportunities using tax-advantaged tools. IRAR Trust recognizes that agents’ expertise holds the key to a lucrative path toward financial freedom. Their user-friendly platform paves the way for retirement by centering on the investment REALTORS® understand best: real estate. 

One member, Joanne Rodriguez, shared her reasoning for utilizing IRAR Trust’s self-directed retirement funds: “Who needs the stock market? Financial consultants say you should invest in what you know. I have been working with IRAR Trust for over five years, managing a self-directed IRA, which includes four rental properties.” 

The steps are simple: All members need to do is open an account using their M1 number, fund the account from existing retirement funds or with a new contribution, and then invest! The easy-to-use platform makes it a no-brainer investment choice for REALTORS® looking to build wealth. 

Refinance Your Debt to Free Up Monthly Cash Flow 

There’s no better time than the present to take control of your loans and refinance with a lender who puts your interests first. NAR REALTOR Benefits® has recently partnered with SoFi, an all-in-one financial services platform designed to help members bank, borrow, invest, and protect their money at every stage.  

When taking stock of your financial situation, use SoFi’s debt workbooks to compare member-only discounts on student loan financing, personal loan rates, as well as cash bonuses for mortgage loans.  

Refinancing your loans can be a crucial step toward freeing up cash flow for future investments and financial goals. 

On a Sunny Day, Plan for a Rainy One 

After closing a deal, the last thing anyone wants to think about is preparing for a slow slump or an unexpected life event. But planning for an uncertain future is paramount. Setting aside even an hour to review your insurance options and craft a plan for your household will ease your mind during a difficult future situation. 

NAR REALTOR Benefits® offers a variety of insurance options spanning everything from health, dental, home, auto, pet coverage, and more. Put together a customized auto, home, or rental plan through Liberty Mutual, with exclusive auto insurance savings that can be passed on to clients as well. Plan for the unexpected with health coverage options, and group dental, vision, and life insurance with REALTORS® Insurance Place. Their member-exclusive online marketplace makes it easier than ever to explore coverage options that cover every member of your family – even pets. And for members who have more specialized insurance needs, NAR REALTOR Benefits® has partnered with Victor Insurance Managers LLC – one of the largest and most experienced underwriting managers of specialty insurance programs in the world – to provide premium credits toward market-leading errors and omissions insurance. 

Don’t conclude your financial planning session without taking time to ensure you and your family are covered through the above trusted partners. By tapping into these exclusive resources, REALTORS® can navigate the financial landscape with confidence, ensuring long-term financial security regardless of market fluctuations! 

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