Summer 2022: Building in Sustainability

For REALTOR® association executives, sustainability is about more than saving the planet. It's also about delivering services in a way that make your members – and your staff – feel valued and committed to your organization. In our summer issue, you'll hear from association executives who are getting it right. Plus, get the low down on a campaign to combat rent fraud, constructive answers on short-term rental disputes, and lessons on strategic planning from a pro.

In This Issue

Stephanie Moody reviews the book Grit, which offers the staying power to succeed, not just in our jobs but in anything we pursue.

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary or need helpful references on real estate topics, AEs can rely on the NAR Library & Archives to help tell the story.
Want to offer more member benefits? Consider shared services which help associations expand services and streamline management by creating strategic partnerships.
REALTOR® AE Magazine interviews Bob Hart, CEO of the Santa Barbara Association of REALTORS® about their efforts to prioritize sustainability. At SBAOR, sustainability is now a natural part of the association's culture, thanks in part to an on-site demonstration garden.


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