Governance Reimagined

“Govern forward” is the theme of the governance changes being considered in November by the National Association of REALTORS® board of directors. The proposed changes are the product of a presidential advisory group that completed a three-year mission to bring NAR governance structure, processes, people, resources, and culture in line with today’s business realities.

“NAR’s governance system had not been holistically examined since the days of black-and-white television,” says Virginia REALTORS® CEO Terrie Suit, vice chair of the Governance Game Changer PAG. “Our current decision-making structure is based on twice-a-year meetings in a world of real-time communication. This structure just doesn’t allow NAR to move at the speed of business today.”

Among the PAG’s major recommendations:

  • Eliminate the Delegate Body and transfer its authority to a new board of directors.
  • Constitute a new board of directors with a new authority, role, and focus to represent the full diversity of the membership, also implementing a new formula for state and local association director allocation.
  • Constitute a new Executive Committee that’s smaller and nimbler than the board and meets at least four times a year. The Executive Committee would have authority to approve committee recommendations and policy changes, except for those that specifically require board approval.
  • Establish an enhanced role for regional vice presidents.
  • Establish qualifications and performance expectations for all appointed leadership positions.

“Each recommendation is intended to further one or more of the eight ideals of governance,” Suit says. “Having these ideals as the guiding light in NAR’s governance system will ensure NAR can continue to ‘govern forward’ and serve members for many years to come.”

NAR directors will vote on the recommendations at their Nov. 15 meeting. “Association executives will all be impacted,” Suit says. “AEs should be well-versed on the recommendations and make sure their members who are directors can vote knowledgeably at the November meeting.”

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Governance Game Changer PAG

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