Governance Game Changer Presidential Advisory Group (PAG)

Not change for change's sake, but for a nimble, inclusive, mission-driven leadership corps and infrastructure to meet the needs of tomorrow's real estate industry.

Why Governance?

What's in it for Members?

Governance is how NAR makes decisions. Big decisions. Little decisions. Every day. Decisions that impact our members’ businesses, the real estate industry, and ultimately our members success.

So, What Could Be More Important?

Governance is all about how we serve our members. Making informed choices. Getting it right. The Governance PAG is in the “We ask. You Talk. We Listen.” phase of our work. No decisions and no recommendations have been made. We want to know what our members have to say.

Want to Tell Us What You Think?

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Attending the NAR Legislative Meetings in May?

Come talk to us!

Thursday, May 16, 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Marriott Wardman Park, Virginia Suite, Lobby Level

This is your chance to hear about some of the research and member input the PAG.


What is the Presidential Advisory Group Examining About NAR Governance?

When you think about what it takes for an association like NAR to make sound decisions, you have to look at five different things:



What decision-making bodies and positions do we need? What should their roles and responsibilities be? What authority should they have? What structures are in place to engage members in the process?



This is the way we do things. In governance, this includes things like how we appoint and elect people to positions. How we develop future leaders. How we plan and set priorities. How we set policy.



Ideally in good governance, the right people with the right skills and experience are in the right positions at the right time! So, we have to look at things like the requirements and qualifications for different positions, and how we orient and train our volunteers and leaders so they – and NAR – can succeed.



Is our governance system efficient? What amount of dollars and staff and other resources does it take to run the system? And from the member’s point of view... is getting involved in NAR governance efficient? How much time and money and effort does it take to get involved? Do we make it easy and convenient, or hard?



This is all about the experience of being involved. What’s it like to serve on a committee or the Board of Directors? Are you comfortable speaking your mind? Do you feel that the work is meaningful and that your contribution is appreciated? Are expectations clear, and are people accountable?

Keep Up to Date & Follow the Advisory Group's Journey

PAG Involvement Survey, October 2018

PAG Involvement Survey from NAR Research

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