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September/October 2019: Lock Down Your Listing Photos

Great listing photos help sell properties. Yet, real estate pros may be unaware of critical legal aspects concerning the use of images, including who owns the photos and videos and who has the right to give others permission to use them. Get tips on how to keep property images from showing up online where they're not supposed to be.

Plus, how to choose a real estate photographer, real estate pros explain what their company brand means to them, compare the offerings of 28 affiliation brands with the 2019 Residential Franchise Report, homeowners, investors and the industry seek ways to protect properties from intensifying climate risks, the decline of Chicago two-flats parallels the housing affordability crisis nationwide, why continued strength in the economy isn't propping up home sales, surprising and amusing real estate stories, and more.


Wait! That's My Listing Photo! 
In the world of real estate photography, image quality isn’t the only thing that counts.

The Franchise Life
How brand affiliations help real estate pros feel at home.

2019 Residential Franchise Report
Considering affiliating? Get the scoop on the offerings at more than two dozen companies.




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