A Toolkit for State and Local REALTOR® Associations

Qualified Opportunity Zones Toolkit

NAR is invested in helping REALTORS® and their communities benefit from the Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) tax program. The QOZ Toolkit is a resource for Associations to use as they work with state and local Economic Development Organizations, Opportunity Funds, and their membership to plan and implement development in QOZs.

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The National Association of REALTORS® is working with federal agencies, Congress, and community development groups to ensure that the Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) program brings business opportunities for REALTORS®, as well as opportunities for them to be involved in the planning of new developments and businesses within zones. For this program to be a success, new developments funded by Opportunity Funds within the zones must be chosen thoughtfully, and provide benefits not just to investors but to the community as well. REALTORS ® -- who are uniquely suited to bring local expertise and insights into the real estate market as well as knowledge about what a community lacks -- should play a role in any community coordination of QOZ developments.

Background & Foundational Support

Fundamentals on the QOZ program, legislation, and recently issued regulatory guidance, including the IRS and Treasury's proposed rules for the program and the White House Opportunity Zone Task Force.

Program Timeline Infographic

Legislative & Regulatory Review

RPR Resources

Realtors Property Resource® (RPR) is a nationwide data resource tool and a wholly-owned subsidiary of NAR. Beginning in August 2019 RPR added Qualified Opportunity Zones to its platform, allowing REALTORS ® to use RPR's map interface to instantly begin analyzing and searching for properties within the 8,700 Opportunity Zones throughout the U.S.

REALTOR® Party Community Outreach Grant: Opportunity Zones

The Opportunity Zone Community Planning Grant is designed to support association and commercial overlay board efforts to work with public officials and other community leaders exploring ways for your community to make the most of Qualified Opportunities in the Advocacy Territorial Jurisdiction. Thirty Grants will be awarded in 2019 for up t$5,000 each. Application deadline extended until September 30, 2019. Awardees must seek reimbursement from NAR by December 15, 2019.

NAR Federal Policy Resources

State-Specific Resources

State Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) are involved in the planning and development within QOZs, and work closely with community organizations and developers to ensure that the program is a success and that the developments bring greater economic prosperity to their areas. They are an excellent resource for information about how individual states are managing their QOZs, and if there are any additional, state-level benefits for investing or developing in a QOZ. In addition, many states have created specific websites and online resources to promote their QOZs to potential investors and to help businesses find success within them. Links to the state EDOs and, if available, links to their QOZ websites are below.


Additional NAR Resources

Upon request, NAR staff can also provide:

  • Webinars for Associations.
  • Recommendations for local speakers/officials for Association QOZ events.


Qualified Opportunity Zones

The QOZ program was created in 2017 to encourage economic growth in underserved communities through tax incentives for investors.


National Association of REALTORS® works vigilantly to protect property owners and the real estate industry when changes to the tax code are proposed.