All releases at 10 a.m. Eastern Time. This schedule is also available in .doc format via the download link below.

2023 Statistical News Release Schedule

December 20

November Existing-Home Sales

December 28

November Pending Home Sales Index

2024 Statistical and Forecast News Release Schedule

January 19

December Existing-Home Sales

January 26

December Pending Home Sales Index

February 8

Fourth Quarter Metro Home Prices

February 22

January Existing-Home Sales

February 29

January Pending Home Sales Index and Quarterly Economic Forecast

March 21

February Existing-Home Sales

March 28

February Pending Home Sales Index

April 18

March Existing-Home Sales

April 25

March Pending Home Sales Index and Quarterly Economic Forecast

May 8

First Quarter Metro Home Prices

May 22

April Existing-Home Sales

May 30

April Pending Home Sales Index

June 21

May Existing-Home Sales

June 27

May Pending Home Sales Index

July 23

June Existing-Home Sales

July 31

June Pending Home Sales Index and Quarterly Economic Forecast

August 13

Second Quarter Metro Home Prices

August 22

July Existing-Home Sales

August 29

July Pending Home Sales Index

September 19

August Existing-Home Sales

September 26

Pending Home Sales Index

October 23

September Existing-Home Sales

October 30

September Pending Home Sales Index and Quarterly Economic Forecast

November 7

Third Quarter Metro Home Prices

November 21

October Existing-Home Sales

November 27

October Pending Home Sales Index

December 19

November Existing-Home Sales

December 30

November Pending Home Sales Index

NAR's Analysis of Economic Indicators

NAR's analysis of economic indicators provides its members with the tools to interpret economic trends and apply that knowledge to their business. NAR Research analyzes the most important economic indicators that influence real estate markets. In addition to NAR’s own existing-home sales and Pending Home Sales Index, other indicators such as new-home sales, housing starts, mortgage interest rates, employment, Gross Domestic Product and the Consumer Price Index are monitored by the Research staff. All these indicators are used by NAR analysts to prepare the Association’s economic forecast, which can be accessed in the Research section, under Housing Statistics. For the latest, check NAR's news releases.