The NAR Constitution states that each state association shall be automatically entitled to two national directors on the Board of Directors. State associations may be entitled to more than two directors if they qualify as outlined below:

Each of the fifty states and the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands ("state associations") shall be entitled to two Directors plus an additional number of Directors determined by subtracting the number 4000 from the membership within the state association, dividing any remainder greater than zero by the number 2000 and rounding any resultant fraction to the next lower whole number, provided, however, the number of additional Directors to which the state association is entitled shall be reduced by the number of Directors allocated to local boards within the same state association under subparagraph (Q) hereof. In the case of a local board with assigned territorial jurisdictions within two or more state associations, the number of additional Directors to which a state association is entitled shall be reduced by a number equal to the number of Directors the local board would be entitled to under subparagraph (Q) hereof based upon the number of primary members of the local board who also hold primary membership in the state association. Each state association entitled to Directors pursuant to this subparagraph shall notify the National Association of the names of the REALTORS® and REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®s designated to serve as Directors during the next elective year prior to October 1st.

The Constitution also requires that July 31 membership counts be used to calculate NAR director entitlement in Article IV section 1 (U).

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