The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (NAR) is the proud owner of numerous trademarks including the terms REALTOR®, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®, REALTORS®, and the REALTOR® Logo (referred to collectively as the “MARKS”). Members and Member Boards of NAR receive a limited license to use the MARKS in connection with their real estate business or REALTOR® association.

The MARKS are collective marks that identify members of NAR and distinguish them from non-members. Since the unique term REALTOR® was first coined in 1915, the public has come to recognize those who use the MARKS as members of NAR and, as such, providers of real estate related services consistent with a strict Code of Ethics and the highest standards of professionalism.

There is only one way to properly pronounce the term REALTOR®: REAL- tor (rē´al-tôr´). Members are encouraged to carefully train new employees and salespeople on the proper pronunciation of the term REALTOR®. Consistent aural use is just as important as consistent visual use to the preservation of the distinctive and recognizable character of the MARKS.

In order to preserve the value of the MARKS, NAR has implemented a program that governs use of the MARKS. Members and Member Boards are only permitted to use the MARKS in a way that highlights to the public the registered status, significance, and special meaning of the MARKS and distinguishes them from words of ordinary use and other marks or symbols.

The license that members and Member Boards have to use the MARKS is conditioned upon adherence to the rules for proper use of the MARKS set forth in this Membership Marks Manual. These rules are designed to encourage the widest possible consistent use of the MARKS while preserving and perpetuating their meaning and identifying function. To remain valuable and effective in performing their identifying function, the MARKS must be used consistently and correctly.

Watch a NAR created, brief, animated video about protecting the REALTOR® trademarks.