It’s not just about promoting your listings everywhere on every possible platform. Marketing is as much about telling your own story as a real estate pro as it is about selling a property. Consumers want to know who you are and whether you’re the right person to guide them through what is likely the biggest purchase of their lives. So your logo, photo, social media profile, business card, website, and testimonials all work together to project your value statement to consumers. Learn how to sell more than a house; get prospects to understand your story as a professional, too.


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Marketing Strategies

Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies to Use during COVID-19 (Mashvisor, Apr. 27, 2020)

41 Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas & Strategies (Fit Small Business, Mar. 13, 2020)

Real Estate Marketing Strategy Must-Haves in 2020 (RIS Media, Jan. 15, 2020)

27 Real Estate Marketing Ideas & Trends That Will Dominate 2020 (The Close, Dec. 18, 2019)

5 Ways to Reboot Your Marketing (REALTOR® Magazine, Aug. 1, 2019)

‘Omnichannel’ Marketing Ensures Stronger Lead Capture (REALTOR® Magazine, Jul. 11, 2019)

107 Outside-the-Box Real Estate Marketing Ideas & Tips (With Examples) (Placester, May, 22, 2019)

Personal Promotion & Branding

Personal Branding for People 50+ (Forbes, Aug. 2, 2020)

Why Personal Branding Is a Secret Weapon (Entrepreneur, Dec. 30, 2019)

Personal Branding: How to Make Your Mark at Work through 5 Simple Steps (CNBC, Jun. 20, 2019)

How to Clean Up Your Personal Brand (Fast Company, Apr. 9, 2019)

Personal Marketing Tool Kit (REALTOR® Magazine Toolkit)

Niche Mark​eting

What Is a Niche Market? (The Balance, Aug. 6, 2020)

Niche Marketing That Works: Trusted Strategies to Cultivate a Successful Niche (RIS Media, Jun. 25, 2020)

7 Ways to Become a Real Estate Rockstar with Niche Marketing (Agent Image)

The Real Estate Agent's Guide to Niche Marketing (Placester, Apr. 16, 2015)

Marketing Plan & Budgets

How to Write a Real Estate Marketing Plan [+Free Template] (fitsmallbusiness, Oct. 31, 2018)

Marketing Plan Definition (Entrepreneur)

A 5-Step, No-nonsense Marketing Plan (Business Development Bank of Canada)

eBooks & Ot​her Resources


The following eBooks and digital audiobooks are available to NAR members:

Social Media Marketing (eBook)

The New Rules of Marketing and PR (Kindle, eBook)

200 Marketing Ideas for Your Website (eBook)

301 Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Your Marketing (Kindle, eBook)

Beyond Traditional Marketing (Kindle, eBook)

The Brand Called You (Kindle, eBook)

Branding for Dummies® (eBook)

Guerrilla Marketing Weapons (Audiobook)

Marketing Demystified (Kindle, eBook)

The Marketing Plan (Kindle, eBook)

Mastering Online Marketing (Kindle, eBook)

The One-Day Marketing Plan (Kindle, eBook)

Purple Cow (Kindle, Audiobook, eBook)

Quick Study—How to Write a Business Plan (eBook)

Books, Videos, Research Reports & More

The resources below are available for loan through Member Support. Up to three books, tapes, CDs and/or DVDs can be borrowed for 30 days from the Library for a nominal fee of $10. Call Member Support at 800-874-6500 for assistance.

Less Blah-Blah More Ah-Ha; How Social Savvy Real Estate Agents Become Trusted, Preferred, Referred - and Rewarded (The Woodlands, 2011)

Sales and Marketing 101 for Real Estate Professionals (Dearborn Real Estate Education, 2007)

Managing Brand You: Seven Steps to Creating Your Most Successful Self (American Management Association, 2008)

Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2007)

Real Estate Marketing and Sales Essentials: Steps for Success (Thompson South-Western, 2006)

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