You’re not just a real estate professional — you’re also a counselor. Learn how to respond to your clients’ feelings at each stage of their buying or selling journey.

Getting clients through a real estate transaction can be one heck of an emotional roller-coaster ride. Sometimes you may want to harness the peaks and valleys of your buyers’ and sellers’ feelings to energize and re-engage them, keeping them focused on the ultimate goal of a successful closing. Other times, too much emotion can put clients in a dangerous position and cloud their judgment. Ultimately, your greatest value to your client is not only being a real estate expert but also serving as a counselor to guide them through complex emotions and decisions.

Learning how to handle your clients’ emotions is an art best learned from experience. But with a little input from practitioners who have weathered stormy deals, we’ve put together this infographic on the emotional cycle of a transaction — and how you should support your client at each stage. This isn’t meant to be a blueprint of how every deal you’re involved in will transpire. But it’s a road map for the potential emotional pitfalls that you and your clients could face on the journey together.

chart explaining how to respond to client emotions during each stage of the real estate transaction

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