Quick Takeaways

  • Manage your time in the most effective way for you
  • Take time for yourself
  • Work-life balance
  • Avoid burnout
  • Remain flexible

Source: The Healthy Workplace (Training Journal, Mar. 1, 2019) E

Who needs a life? You do. When you’re juggling showings, listing presentations, budgeting for your business, late-night phone calls from clients, marketing campaigns, and so much more, it can feel like you only have time for work. Have you ever considered seriously what your time is worth?  

Many workers have found a balance in flexibility while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees have been found to work more hours, but employer fears that productivity would drop have proven false. A hybrid of remote and office work schedules could lead to better work/life balance. Discover multiple strategies for achieving balance at work and at home.

Learn about effective work habits that real estate pros use to ensure they don’t get burn out and have time for a personal life.

Some real estate pros block out time for quick, frequent breaks to meditate or get some fresh air, while others have a strict cutoff time every night when they stop responding to calls, texts, and emails. However you choose to balance your work and life, learn how you can set up systems to help meet clients’ needs and your own.

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