The Most Recognizable Real Estate Brands

Agent setting up for sale sign

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Your brand matters and a business logo is a big piece of that. It can provide instant recognition, according to Lucidpress, a brand templating platform that recently surveyed nearly 400 consumers.

The consumers were asked to recall well-known real estate industry brands. Lucidpress also surveyed nearly 40 real estate professionals to gather thoughts on industry branding.

Only 11% of real estate professionals surveyed said that their logo was the most important branding element for their company’s success. Yet, more than half of consumers surveyed—or 57%—said the logo was an important element to a successful real estate brand.

The majority of consumers were able to identify real estate brands like Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, Berkshire Hathaway, and RE/MAX just by their logo alone, the survey found. Certain characteristics of the logos were more memorable than others, the study found. For example:

  • 84% of consumers correctly identified Berkshire Hathaway by its font alone.
  • 91% of consumers correctly identified Coldwell Banker by its color scheme.
  • 90% of consumers correctly identified RE/MAX’s imagery of colors and balloons. However, without that imagery, only 63% could correctly identify its font.
  • 81% of consumers correctly identified Keller Williams by its color scheme.
  • 30% of consumers could correctly identify Century 21’s current logo due to confusion over a recent rebranding.

Overall, the study found that Coldwell Banker was the most recognizable brand among the consumers surveyed, followed by RE/MAX.