Quick Takeaways

  • Create your brand
  • Build your technology platform
  • Establish a lead generation funnel

Source: 8-Steps to Start a Real Estate Brokerage & Actually Make Money (Kyle Handy, Oct. 27, 2021)

You’ve finally made the decision to open your own brokerage. What do you need to know?  Learn the steps to make a successful transition from agent to owner.

There are a variety of brokerage business models to choose from—traditional, flat fee, a la carte and 100% commission. Find out which model will work best for your brokerage. Writing a business plan allows you to create a detailed roadmap for your firm’s future and how you will achieve those plans. In your business plan, you should include financial planning, marketing strategies and hiring and personnel.

NAR has curated a list of useful websites providing more information to help you establish your new brokerage.

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