2019 sales and marketing in review: What you, our readers, buzzed about the most this year.
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Selling homes was no easy task this year. Stubbornly low inventory alone made the real estate landscape challenging. But other issues, including how to revive a lingering listing, MLS decisions about removing “inappropriate” content, and the difficulties of selling a property with a leaky basement, also came onto your radar as emerging sales hurdles. Our most popular sales and marketing articles of 2019 addressed these and other issues.

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9 Tips to Sell That Lingering Listing
The takeaway: So you have a listing but no interested buyers. Stop wasting time looking for a magic bullet that will sell a hard-to-sell house. There isn’t one single method or marketing campaign that will do the trick. You must begin with an action-oriented mindset and analyze the facts of the property and the sellers’ situation.

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Is Your MLS Policing Your Listing Photos?
The takeaway: In response to a number of salacious listings featuring people in the pictures, some MLSs and other real estate groups are developing guidance for removing potentially offensive content. MLSs now may have to police the appropriateness of listings uploaded to their sites as more practitioners endeavor to gain publicity by pushing the envelope.

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What to Tell Clients About That Leaky Basement
The takeaway: Whether you’re working with a buyer or seller, it’s important to guide customers through steps to ensure the foundational soundness of a basement that tends to flood. But alas, not all homeowners are proactive about fixing a leaky basement. Here’s what you need to know about your listing and what to communicate to clients about water in the basement.

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How Young Buyers Are Redefining ‘Luxury’
The takeaway:
Many millennials are showing interest in high-end homes, but their property wish lists may look different than those of typical wealthy house hunters. Because millennials comprise a significant percentage of high-end home buyers, real estate professionals need to be aware of the selling points that appeal to them—and how to market to them effectively.

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5 Real Estate Issues You’re Dealing With
The takeaway:
No matter where you live and work, most real estate professionals share similar business challenges and can brainstorm solutions and best practices. At this year’s Coldwell Banker Gen Blue conference, attendees discussed creating urgency between buyers and sellers, overcoming commission objections, developing a consistent schedule, lead generation, and budgeting