How to Get Your Clients Cash Offers in Today’s Market

Content sponsor Offerpad has a program to help you close more deals by presenting sellers with an instant cash offer.
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In today's dynamic real estate market, sellers are seeking more efficient and hassle-free ways to sell their homes. They want more choice and control over how and when they sell without paying an incredibly high premium. That’s why 65% of homeowners say they would consider selling their home for cash to an iBuyer1. Now that Offerpad has reduced its service fee to 5% from 6%, there’s never been a better time to utilize Offerpad for your clients.

Presenting your sellers with a cash offer from Offerpad enables them to make a well-informed decision without feeling pressured into a one-or-the-other scenario. It provides them with options for the best of both worlds. While a traditional listing is still the default choice for most sellers, cash offers from iBuyers such as Offerpad have emerged as a viable option for homeowners looking to sell quickly without the inconvenience and complexities involved in a typical home sale.

Presenting clients with the option of a competitive cash offer from Offerpad through its Agent Partnership Program is an effective strategy to help you and your seller save time, manage expectations and ensure a positive outcome based on your client’s needs. Agents can earn a 3% referral fee on any qualified, completed sale from one of our cash offers to ensure they’re well-compensated for their efforts when working with us.

Through the program, nearly 130,000 cash offers have been requested, enhancing their sales toolkit. There is no fee for agents to participate in the program. By working with Offerpad, agents can provide benefits to their sellers, such as:

  • The certainty and peace of mind of a cash buyer with a 91% CSAT.
  • No showings or open houses.
  • Choice of closing date.
  • Ability to stay in their home for up to three days post-closing.
  • A free professional local move.

Selling directly to Offerpad gives your clients flexibility by eliminating the need for showings and worrying about offer contingencies, double mortgages and the hassle of moving twice by choosing their closing date. Presenting our cash offer, along with a client’s listing options, puts agents in a unique position to foster a sense of empowerment, trust and transparency throughout the selling process.

With the popularity of competitive cash offers growing among consumers over the last several years—there were about 62,000 cash home sales in 20222, representing one in ten housing transactions and the highest figure recorded since 1989—agent interest in requesting offers through Offerpad’s Agent Partnership Program has also increased.

Offerpad works with thousands of agents and brokerages nationwide, helping them guide their sellers through the advantages and considerations of listing and selling for cash.

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