Do This to Become Your Community’s Top Agent

Unlock real estate success with these transformative strategies from content sponsor Krista Mashore: command attention online, deepen community connections and create enduring client relationships.
Businesswoman talking on phone with laptop

Real estate agents understand the importance of being recognized and trusted in their community. The industry is rooted in relationships; hence, people looking to buy, sell or invest in homes need agents they can rely on. With technology and the post-COVID world changing how we interact, the methods for building these relationships have evolved.

In the past, real estate agents gained visibility by participating in local events, speaking at Rotary Club meetings or distributing business cards at networking events. However, these traditional, in-person methods have become less effective as social media and online interactions take precedence. Today, the average person spends about two and a half hours daily on social media, highlighting the shift in how people connect and gather information. Therefore, establishing an online presence where the community already spends its time is not just beneficial—it’s essential.

Business coach and former top agent Krista Mashore has mastered the art of using digital platforms to become a go-to authority in her field. She utilizes the human touch online, demonstrating the power of engagement through the internet. Her strategies have helped numerous entrepreneurs, as evidenced by the success stories and testimonials from her clients. Mashore once had an encounter at a hair salon where a woman recognized her from her Facebook videos. This instance is just one of many where her online presence led to real-world recognition, proving the effectiveness of her methods.

To help real estate agents achieve similar recognition and trust within their communities, Mashore offers five key strategies:

  1. Serve, don't sell. This principle, practiced by successful companies like Whole Foods, Apple and IKEA, focuses on building relationships through service rather than direct selling. Instead of traditional advertising, offer your expertise and outstanding service in a way that feels personal yet reaches a wide audience. For example, Whole Foods educates customers on healthy living, providing valuable content that builds trust and positions them as an authority in their field.
  2. Lead with humanity. Even in the digital world, human connection remains a vital component of personal and career success. This involves creating and sharing content such as videos, blogs and social media posts that stimulate interest and foster connections without overtly promoting a brand. Mashore practices this by producing free video content and writing books that establish her as an expert. This content is shared across various platforms, reaching her audience wherever they are.
  3. Show your community you care. Supporting local businesses and highlighting what they offer is an excellent way to show you care about your community. Interviewing business owners and sharing their stories not only aids them but also positions you as a resourceful and supportive figure in the community. Engaging with different community members, from teachers to firefighters, shows your interest and investment in the community’s wellbeing.
  4. Think like an entrepreneur. Even if you are part of a larger company, adopting an entrepreneurial mindset is crucial. It involves creating a unique vision and brand, differentiating yourself from competitors. Innovate and lead rather than just following what others are doing. This approach requires you to be proactive in client development and personal branding.
  5. Customer retention through communication. Retaining existing clients is more cost-effective and likely to lead to sales than acquiring new ones. Treat all clients with equal importance and maintain regular contact. Utilizing social media and producing valuable video content are effective ways to stay connected. This approach ensures you remain in your clients’ minds, increasing the chances of referrals and repeat business.

For real estate agents to thrive, it’s essential to build a strong online presence that fosters trust and showcases your commitment to the community. This involves engaging with your audience through meaningful content, supporting local endeavors, adopting an entrepreneurial mindset and maintaining robust client relationships. By implementing these strategies, agents can become the go-to experts in their communities, blending the power of digital engagement with the timeless value of personal connections.