More Than One Path to Reach Your Business Goals

To develop their craft effectively, real estate pros require flexible learning experiences. The Center for REALTOR® Development, a content sponsor, has unique and varied course offerings that will fit your busy lifestyle.
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When the University of Chicago became the first traditional educational institution to provide correspondence courses in 1892, it blazed a trail towards equity by simply providing students with more options. Today, it’s downright necessary for professional development to be delivered in multiple formats, especially when it comes to adult learners.

Think about how important flexibility is for a real estate professional. It’s a business where schedules and responsibilities can change dramatically from one day to the next. REALTORS® are masters of multitasking, entrepreneurs, entertainers, product stagers, photographers, counselors and—because of the varied roles they must play—innate lifelong learners. Plus, with five distinct generations coexisting in the workforce, personalized learning experiences are more important than ever before.

So, how can you be sure that you’re embarking on an educational journey that fits your unique needs? You can start with the Center for REALTOR® Development (CRD), which offers exceptional education for real estate professionals at any stage of their career, delivered through several mediums. “At CRD, we curate and provide education that is ‘on the go’ and ‘in the know,’” says CRD Director of Education Katie Eddy. “We have this unique ability to connect the world-class research and reporting that comes out of NAR and infuse that into a practical learning experience.”

Choose Your Own Educational Adventure

Whether you have two days or 10 minutes, CRD has a variety of course types that will work for your schedule.

  • In-person: If you prefer to be in a classroom environment, you can search for in-person classes near you. Courses are offered across the United States—and, in some cases, internationally—through an extensive network of providers. 
  • Live virtual: Courses that are being offered through a live virtual format are the perfect option for those who seek the interactivity and connection of an in-person class but with the convenience of being able to attend from your home, office, or any location best suited to your learning style. 
  • Online: CRD’s online self-paced courses are great for learners who crave flexibility and the ability to start and stop. Also available through this format are over 100 microcourses for when you want to learn something new but don’t have a full day to dedicate to learning.

If you are unsure where to start with your learning journey—or where you would like to end up—you can check out the updated CRD Learning Pathways, which were created to empower REALTORS® with specialized skills and help them achieve their goals effectively and efficiently.

What’s In It for You?

Regardless of your learning preference, CRD offers much more than just educational opportunities. Whether taking part in cutting-edge courses or listening to the CRD podcast, you’re taking steps to build your business, your network, and your future.

Professionalism. Every CRD course is written and revised in concert with a team of subject matter experts who bring their know-how and practical advice to help learners become better practitioners. For example, new agents who take the Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) designation course may be hyperfocused on the buyer consultation portion because they’ve never done one before. But a seasoned buyer’s rep may be drawn to the branding portion because his or her value proposition and business needs have evolved. That’s the unique nature of courses created by REALTORS® for REALTORS®; they’re relevant throughout your professional journey.

Connection. When you take a course, listen to a podcast or simply converse about your work with a colleague, you are connecting with something bigger. You are taking a journey and embarking on a learning experience that will enhance you as a professional—and perhaps also as a person. Let’s say you took the Certified International Property Specialist course “Global Real Estate: Local Markets” and learned how to identify international prospects and clients in your area. You just learned something about your community, too. The GREEN designation program, on the other hand, will help you guide your clients through testing for improving resource efficiency—which you can now easily accomplish in your own home.

Longevity. REALTORS® who remain plugged in and well-educated and who participate in learning tend to stay in the business longer. Research shows that entrepreneurs who continue to learn flourish because they are healthier and more motivated. Learning is literally good for your health!

The Center for REALTOR® Development has unrivaled access to top instructors, subject matter experts and industry leaders. All of that comes together to form high-quality, impactful learning experiences that will equip you with information to make a meaningful impact within your own business and community.

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