Inflatable Dinosaur Tours New Listing

Toy dinosaur on top of inflatable globe

©mattjeacock - iStock / Getty Images Plus

San Diego real estate pro Bob Evans decided to do something a little different to draw attention to one of his recent listings. So, he had a friend in an inflatable dinosaur suit humorously walk through the home during a video tour. Evans, with Coldwell Banker Realty, told FOX 5 he wanted to make the listing stand out among others.

“Most prospective home buyers’ searches begin online, so I want to capture their interest there first,” he says. “Then when they drive up, this home has great curb appeal, thus further keeping their interests piqued. … The home is staged and shows really well, so when they walk in, they’re smiling and I hope further enjoying the experience.”

The 1,881-square-foot, two-bedroom, four-bath house is listed for $1.625 million. Videos and photos of the listing include cameos with the inflatable dinosaur.