Style: Modern boutique ensembles with “high street” design sense.

Deb Kemp
Windermere Stellar
Portland, Ore.

What is your niche?

Working professionals who want to live within a 20-minute drive from downtown Portland or the Nike headquarters.

How would you describe your sense of style for work?

Urban, well-cut and designed, unique, and boutique.

How does your style fit your market?

It matches what my clients wear to work and the style of clothes they like. It also shows that I appreciate good style — not just in houses.

Does your workday wardrobe vary?

A little for different situations, but not drastically. If I’m attending an inspection or showing a “significant fixer,” I tend to dress more practically. I don’t want my wardrobe limiting how closely I can investigate a property.

When do you dress more casually and when do you feel like you need to be more dressed up?

I don’t dress casually on the job, but sometimes my look is more relaxed or more “street.” So instead of wearing a dress, I might wear waxed black jeans, a cool top, and a raincoat if I’m touring with clients on a rainy day and we’re likely to spend some time outside.

What’s an outfit you would wear when meeting a client for the first time?

A cool burnt-orange ’60s-style dress that I bought in New Zealand and Italian olive green heels, or extra-flared Japanese-style black pants and my white, perforated leather “T-shirt.”


What is one of your favorite accessories?

Jewelry that’s different and great shoes or boots. Normally, my clothes and accessories come with a good story about where I got them. The more unique, the better. I love sharing shopping insights with my clients, too.

What is one workplace fashion mistake you will never make?

The cliché real estate agent look, like channeling Annette Benning’s character in “American Beauty.” I never want to dress too loud, too boring, or too formal. I don’t dress casually, but I do dress “high street.” Each outfit has an edge and a unique element of style.

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